The rotary actuators solve many drives made with cylinder and crank. The most important advantages are compatibility and protection against atmospheric agents and corrosive liquids. Absent the danger of injury typical of the solutions with cylinder and crank.

TAILORED APPLICATIONS: With our rotary actuators it is possible to create customized solutions with high technical-economic advantages

On demand:

- MECHANICAL DETENT: an additional feature available is a mechanical detent at the end of desplacement (or/and intermediate) position. The torque applicable on detent is around three times of the maximum nominal torque;

- MECHANICAL DETENT WITH CONTROL OF THRESHOLD OF MAXIMUM TORQUE ADMISSABLE: with this automatic safety release allow a protection of mechanical parts engaged by the actuator movement.

Below is a table with the indicative dimensions of the maximum dimensions of the rotating actuators in relation to the torque supplied at 100 bar. The table is purely indicative so please contact our Technical Service for more detailed information.

(*) Alternative positions of inputs A and B

Dimensioni riferite alla coppia erogata



Please summarize your needs and you will receive an initial feasibility response. Later we will contact you for any further information.